Not Feeling Very Well

Not Feeling very well.

Not Feeling very well.

After a very busy Feb it was time to charge the batteries, so we as a family went away on a cruise down south.  I thought that the trip would take my mind off how I was feeling.  Yeah right…like that was going to happen.  How was I feeling you ask?  Like poop…LOL  My head still hurt and now my eyes were sore as well.

I don’t mind my photo being taken but lately I find that I don’t know who that person is looking back at me.

I’m having a hard time putting my shoes on, I was having issues walking more that 300 metres without breathing hard, and EVERY joint in my body was SORE!!!!!  I also had some very bad headaches and my heart rate seemed to keep racing at around 120 bpm.

All this was happening while on a SHIP in the Caribbean……









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