The Doctor’s Appointment

My blood pressure the other day

A photo from the internet. Almost my numbers off by 1 but my pulse rate was 110

In April I went for my physical checkup.  I didn’t know what to expect and since my wife booked the appointment there was no way to get out of it.

After the all the usuals….She said lets take your blood pressure.  I did’t know what was healthy and what was not so I sat still and let the machine do it’s thing.  I was relaxed to the point of wanting a nap…LOL!  All done the nurse announced.  You should be good to g…..can you wait a minute I just need to talk with Dr French, sure I’ll wait.  I sat for only what seemed like a few minutes before I was told to go in right away.

David I’m worried….(Gulp).  You have VERY high blood pressure, it’s 169/110!  What does this mean I thought, what do I do?  You have 3 options she said sounding like she was in far way land.  I was fading fast and lost in thought.You have done it this time David, my mind was saying.  Put you on Medication or YOU need to change your life style is what I heard next.  This was not a hard decision.  I’ll change, I’ll change I found myself saying over and over again.  I don’t want meds!!!!!!! and so it went.

I left the office got in the car and started to cry….



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