Where Do I Start?

1236280_10151598209195966_356695401_nIt took 3 months before I had enough courage to change my lifestyle.  It was my wife that had been having some health issues and had been going for test after test that really kicked me in the butt! She had a a Gluten intolerance and a number of other allergies that made it difficult to plan meals.

After a few months she had meals figured out.   Since she did all the cooking I didn’t need to worry about dinner but breakfast, lunch and snacks were another matter. If I was working late I was in trouble.

So where did I start?

Well for one thing I started reading and going for a walk (3 times a week).  The books I read were; WHEAT BELLY and Salt Sugar Fat – How the Food Giants Hooked Us. If reading is not your style try downloading an audiobook to your iPhone or mobile device (this is what I ended up doing since I could walk and listen).

For walking I started out at something that was achievable.  1km was the goal not very far but it was a start.



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