Marathon Training Week 1 – June 8 – 14 2015

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I ran five times this week out of the 6 that I had planned.  I got my dates mixed up and missed one..LOL. My schedule looks like this;  Monday – Off, Tuesday – Tempo, Wednesday – Steady Pace, Friday – Fartlek, Saturday – Steady Pace and Sunday – Slow Long Distance (LSD).  The Training plan I’m using is from the Running Room book.  I really wanted to use a Running Free one but they didn’t have one that when higher than the Half Marathon.  Maybe next time.

Tempo Pace 4:35min,  Steady Pace 5:06-5:10, Fartlek 4:35 2:30sec x 1:30sec 120bpm repeat, SLD 5:30 – 5:46

IMG_8480I’m so blessed that I live in a community for running.  I mean I could be in a city that is inhabited by 2-million people or so.  Not that there is anything wrong with that, it’s just all there is so many cars and people everywhere.  I guess I can get use to it and I’m sure there are lots of runners in the city that LOVE the waterfront, Belt-line, or all the awesome trails though-out the city but I don’t live in one, I live in a small community north of Toronto called Orangeville.  The population is about 30,000 that continues to grow every year.  We have some awesome trails in and around town including my favourite one called Island lake that is about 10km full circle around the lake.  We also cycling paths for those cross training days and to get some longer distances in while running you have the country roads that are paved and dirt. – We also have the BEST RUNNING store around called RUNNING FREE and Jodi and Norm are the owners who both lead with a giving hand.  They put on learn to run classes, half marathon classes and have guess speakers come in to talk about a wide variety all things running and recovery.  They are kind and very helpful people and if you have a question they will take the time to answer it.  If they don’t know the answer they will find it for you. I can’t tell you the amount of time I have spent talking with them about so many things a new runner has..LOL.   I learned to run in their October 2014 fall class and I’m now on this life journey of RUNNING. Check out their Facebook Page

IMG_8457This week starts my marathon training and I wanted to establish one important truth about running.  Running on your own is OK, but it can be much more fun if you have a running buddy. For many reasons especially if you’re  preparing run a marathon. The main reason is you should have somebody waiting for you out there  – in the cold, dark, drizzle and wind, sun, heat etc. – somebody to motivate you enough to put your shoes on and leave the coziness of your home. Believe me – the first step out of your cosy and warm home is the most difficult (especially in the above mentioned weather conditions). Once you’re out there you’re usually ok and well enough to survive the rest of your run.

I’m relatively new runner and I don’t know many other runners that can run first thing in the early mornings.  You see my schedule with work is very heavy on the afternoon into the last evenings.  I’m a Real Estate Agent so the only time I have to run is morning..I did have a buddy of mind that was running with me up until March but his work schedule changed and he had a lot of different commitment I think.  I don’t somebody waiting for me out there in the heat,cold, dark, drizzle, rain and wind and so on. I’m on this adventure on my own and to my surprise I’m ok with that.  Self motivation will make me a stronger runner and there is no shortage of that :).

This weeks runs have been very easy since I ran my first half marathon about one month ago.  I know it will change as we go and get harder but this week is in the bag!


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