Marathon Training Week 2 – June 15-21 2015

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Something new that I’ve been working on is my Tempo run.  I didn’t do any of that during my half marathon training and looking back I wish I had.

IMG_8636My week was a bit all over the place and that’s ok.  I have to be flexible if I’m going to make to the full 16 weeks of training.  Shooting video while you run is a bit getting use to but once you get the hang of it your golden 🙂


Work has been a bit busy this week.  I listed a clients house in my old neighbourhood  in the south east end of Toronto the other week and we where holding back on offers until Tuesday this week.  I wanted to get as many offers on this property as I could and it worked.  We got 125% over the asking price and my clients…Man where they happy 🙂

Now on Tuesday I was also in Toronto showing condos to a friend of mine and since I was down by the lakeshore I thought I’d go do my tempo run at High Park.  It was a super great idea when your in condos all morning but once I was finished around noon the summer heat was in full force.  Yup it was 28C and humid!  Yuk!

My tempo called for 4:35 pace for 8km, I have never run at this pace for this long a duration.  I thought High Park would be a great place to start since I could run downhill for the first bit then it would be flat as I continued along the waterfront.  Well, that was the plan and it kind of worked until I looked at my phone and stava was telling me otherwise.  I was getting slower not faster. my 2km split was 4:30 and 4km was 4:31 but other that than all the other were in the 4:45 to 4:54 range.  I guess that’s way they call it training..

While I was out running I saw so many other runners with different race shirts.  I only had 3 so far but I was going to keep working at it and maybe just maybe I would love the marathon so much I would keep running them. 🙂

After my run I was in need of water and food!  Once I made my way back to the car I remember that a Juice place was not very far away so into boiling hot car I went in search of something to eat or drink.


I found the place I was looking for.  It’s  juice bar called The Raw Chemist and is a pleasant all-around experience; the inside is very modern and welcoming with it’s clean lines and white walls with a splash of colour and their white honeycomb tiled floor and pots of aloe plants lined along the wooden ledge at the window.

I really had a hard time deciding on just one juice so I opted for the Keep Well, a cold-pressed combination of apple, alkaline water, ginger, lemon, camu camu, cayenne and turmeric.  Apparently it’s  been their most popular item since they opened last year.  Risi tells me this is a highly anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, detoxifying drink.  I think it’s EPIC!

Risi really knows her stuff.  She has so much information in her head it’s crazy; her goal is to educate people about nutrition, and she plans on running seminars and bringing naturopathic doctors in to share their knowledge. I’m one of the biggest health nuts around, and this was exactly the type of thing I was looking for!  Totally enjoyed my visit.  Oh, just in case you wanted to know…I’ll be back 🙂

The Raw Chemist is located at 2984 Dundas St. West Toronto Ontario can they can be reached at 647.350.0729 or connect with them on facebook

Here is a video that I made while out on the run after a long day of showing house to a wonderful client.


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