Marathon Training Week 5 – July 6-12 2015

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IMG_9529Just came back from a quick 10k progression run (say, 47 and a bit mins). I tend to run at the pace of 5:00 min/km which is the equivalent to 8 min/mile. If I run the whole Marathon at this pace, I should finish within 3:30! Not bad at all but not a Boston qualifier.  The heat is a killer…So hot today (28C).   I was late getting out the door today as my schedule had to be rearranged because my clients boss had him work a bit longer on his late shift.  Like I said before, I have to be flexible 🙂

My legs felt a bit heavy after Tuesdays vivacious tempo training. I ran for 50:54 and covered about 10k. But I’m glad I went as I was very close to not going at all.  It’s still so hot and even early in the morning it’s so hard to go fast.  I got it done, regardless of what the weather was putting me through.  This really was character building in the best way.  My training called for 8km at 4:35 pace but I have been slowly building up to that ever since the second week of training.  Tuesday I ran a 3km warm up (5:12, 5:06 and 4:57) then for 6km I ran at 4:36, 4:42, 4:34, 4:35, 4:37, 4:36 on the track at the high school.  Then a cool down 1.5km back home 5:19 and 5:11.  I am VERY happy with how that went.  It was hard but so gratifying!

IMG_9538Every time I go out for a run I regret not having fixed the heart rate monitor. I think I’m going to get one next week as I’m sure it’s going to help.   The picture here is to remind me of what I have to do…I think I can buy it on Strava or the Apple store.  Hmm, I think the Apple store would be faster as it’s only 35 minutes away.  I believe it will pair with bluetooth on my Strava App on my iPhone so that’s a good thing.


The other day after my Fartlek I decided I was going to post one of my recovery smoothies I make.  I friend of mine keeps asking me what’s in it so I thought a picture would do the trick.  It makes 2serving and takes really good despite the colour..LOL

I don’t really keep track how much I put in but here is a good guess.
1/2 cup of coco nut water, 3 dates, 1 frozen banana, 1 cup of blueberries, 1/2 of frozen mango, 1 cup a almond milk, 2 tsp of chia seeds, 1 tsp of spirulina powder, 2 big hand full’s of spinach, dash of lemon juice, 1 scoop of vega protein powder.


Sunday training called for 21.1km and I was going to meet my Toronto No Meat Athlete running group for the first time.  I arrived at Starbucks located right next to the trail 1320 Castlefield Avenue in the west end of Toronto.  Trevor was waiting for us to arrive inside and in a short while Tim then Samantha (Jen could not meet at 4:00pm so she went for a shot 5km and met us once we finished. This new running group I joined back in March was one on the best things I did for my running.  VEGANS come together and talk about the life style and all the amazing benefits.  These relationships are going to last…

IMG_9527After we did our quick stretches we walked to the trail and started on the run.  It was a crazy 32C and the humidity was intense.  I was happy I had my Nathan hydration pack with me as I was sure to lose 4lbs.  LOL.  It was a nice slow pace of about 6:32.  

The Beltline was built-in 1891 by a group of real-estate developers who felt a railway loop running from downtown up through the newly developed suburbs of Moore Park and Forest Hill could only add to the attractiveness of their real estate. The overambitious developers quickly went bankrupt, however, and the line was actually finished by the Grand Trunk Railway, which operated it as a passenger service for the next two years. Parts of the line survived as a freight service until the 1950s, while other parts were quickly gobbled up by development. What remains of the line has now been turned into a multipurpose rail-trail by the city of Toronto.
IMG_9524I think this was one of the best runs I’ve had so far.  I really felt like I runner and with all my new running friends that all had the same life style, what more could I vegan runner ask for 😉

The Kay Gardner Beltline Park and Trail are a unique part of Toronto.  To be able to run without much issue with cars except in a few places is great.  The trail follows an old railway line from Allen Road south of Elm Ridge Drive west to Mount Pleasant Cemetery. It really is a great way to see the city along old ravines and through hidden green spaces. The Park is part of the Central Ravines, Beltline.  Trevor added a bit to our run so that it would be a half marathon in the end.  When we got down to the brickworks and started our way back I seized the moment and ran fast UP the huge hill that stood in our way back home.  The elevation was a total of 109 metres.  Ah I love hills..LOL

The one thing I don’t need to worry about anymore is my weight, or diet, which is also crucial in marathon preparations. I probably will lose about another 10lbs and I’m quite ok with that.   During my training I didn’t want to lose too much as I need to properly recover from my training.



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