Marathon Training Week 8 – July 27-August 2 2015

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IMG_0059This week has been full of changes.  I knew this was going to happen at some point but not this fast. You see, I normally hop on the scale before I go on my runs.  This way I know my weight before and post run. The reason is I need to know how mcht water I sweat out during an hr of intense running.  So, this morning was no different other than I had to weigh myself 3 times before I believed it.  183.6lbs, Whoo hoo, I’m now below what my goal was when I started this adventure.  Currently I’m the same weight I was when I was 19, Can you believe this!  I did IT and am so HAPPY!  Whoa…Ok time to take a deep breath and relax.I really feel like a load has been taken off my back and quite frank, it has… Running has turned me into something that I never thought possible just a few short years ago, A HEALTHY MAN. When you think about it for a minute it really doesn’t make much sense at the moment.  I went from a meat a sick eating machine at 266lbs to a lean mean running vegan machine at 183.6!  Time to cellarage and go running..LOL

My tempo runnIMG_0085ing is improving by 1km every week and I’m getting faster and I’m also able to hold the pace for longer distances…I have a real love hate relationship with my track workouts.  The main reason is the fact that I’m running is circles over and over again and there is no shade so if the sun is out like it always is then you have to factor that in as well.  It’s working so I guess I should be grateful…end of sentence..LOL

IMG_0067This week the heat wave has continued and getting in enough sodium is not very easy for me.  I eat very clean,  NON-GMO, organic life style and no packaged foods.  Veggies, Nuts & Seeds and oils make up my daily calories.  The way that I’ve been getting my sodium has been Olives, Pickles and Mixed Beans.  One pickle is 250mg of sodium, 2 olives are 230mg and Beans are 260mg per 1 cup.  I don’t really know how much I sweat out but I read somewhere that the average male will loose 400-800mg per 1h of running at 25C.  I’m glade I love these foods 🙂 Oh, and I know it’s not organic but Wicked Pickles ROCKS!!!!!

IMG_0298Like I said at the beginning of this post, this week was full of change and being flexible in my training was a must.  The reason for this was, the family and I were going up north to the brother in-laws cottage for a few days of R&R.  It’s nice when the whole family gets together and the kids can go crazy and burn off all that energy that young ones have that that age.  I wasn’t too sure how or where I’d get my running in or what to expect other than the obvious ones such as deer flies, bugs, mosquitoes, foxes, deers and black bears…the last on kind of scares me a bit.

Friday was was a great fartlek run and it’s one of the run’s I look forward to but right after I got home from the 13km it became very clear that it was time to get going if we were going to make it up to the cottage by lunch.

IMG_0300Sunday, Sunday, Sunday…oh the early morning runs.  Nothing and I mean nothing is better than waking up to sunny morning next to the lake with a nice cool breeze.  I had to run 26kms and it was going to be an out and back since there was only one road into the cottage road in the middle of no where..LOL

The one thing I realized as the kms ticked by was the amount of DEER FLIES…dear lord…I was happy I put a deer fly sticky patch on my hat because if I didn’t I think I was going to go insane there where so many of them.  I also had a bear horn with me just in case I ran into one.  They have been seen in the last few weeks going closer and closer to cottages in the area but so far…nothing.  The road I was running on was granite, gravel, dirt, then pavement and by the time I was on pavement it was almost time to come back.  I din’t see anyone while I was out until I did my turn around.  It started off cool but it quickly warmed up to the mid 20’s.  I was happy I had lots of water and gels with me since I’m out there by myself…fuel = energy = good run home 🙂  The pace was an easy 5:30 and it went by without any issues.  Here are some picture I took while out on the road.


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