Marathon Training Week 9 – August 3-9 2015

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This week is the most mileage I have ever run in my WHOLE LIFE…83.4km….WOW!

Consistency is one of those things that I’ve been working towards for so long.  I really wanted to get my pace down and to make sure that it was even through-out my run.  To make sure that I was in the zone so would I know what the feel of a 4:30 pace would be.  I’ve worked extremely hard to race that RUN and today I finally did it.   I finally reached a point were I was able to run 10 km at a constant pace of 4:32.   I did it!
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IMG_0363So let’s talk about hill work again.  I’ve been running up and down this hill in my hometown every week and every week we add another repeat and every week the run just gets longer and longer.  Really don’t like them but they do work.   My running is improving week by week… but man I was tired after 13 km today.  Six 600 m repeats that’s what I had to do along with my warm-up and cool down.

IMG_0402This week also saw me meet up with my best friend I’ve known since I was 14.   He now lives in San Francisco so whenever he gets a chance to come back home it’s a very special this time.   This visit we were  able to take in a Blue Jay game which I have not seen in probably 13 years.  Yup,  it’s been a long time.  The WIN even made it better 🙂

On Saturday
 I somehow stumbled across the vegan festival that was happening down at Fort York in Toronto.   I paid the $10 walked in started to look around.  Saw this really, really  long line and I realized it was for  Doomie’s home cooking from Lost Angeles California.   They actually made their way from California appear here IMG_0443in Toronto..WOW!   They have a vegan version of a big Mac and apparently it’s awesome so I’ve been told.  So I had to try it but I was not waiting in line at all I had appointments to go to and I had about an hour and a bit to spare.   I made my way to the front of the line and I asked the lady at the front if it was possible I could join her and can you believe it… she said absolutely :). I was able to get my burger and a vegan brownie sat down enjoyed my meal with some new friends I met thanks Toronto, great experience thanks Doomie’s for coming to Canada


IMG_0456Sunday I went out with Amy and Wade to do our 29 km run well actually they were running 26 and I was running an additional three turned out OK we started off I think the temperature was 10°C a hook up at five so I was in a school start today yet we started at five 518 521 apiece was good it was all pretty much downhill you started in the west end of Orangeville and ran all the way down to Island Lake he proceeded to run the trails which my time is going to little bit scattered but that’s OK it was a nice slow Z2 to endurance run nothing too heavy and too light, just nice and steady. I really only started to feel the effects as we came up closer to the finish when we were at 26km it was 5:51.. I needed to pick it up.  I finished strong on the track across from the Alder Rec Centre at 5:16 it was a beautiful thing.  When I got back the to the car to drive home I noticed the temp was 21C.  11C increase in that is crazy.



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