Marathon Training Week 10 – Aug 10-16 2015

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Training has been a lot harder in the summer than the winter.  The heat is a killer on the energy.  Ugh!

This week I put in 82.7km I bit less than last weeks 83.4km.  I’m feeling a bit tried after the last 9 weeks.  The weather has been awesome but not ideal to run in.  When I don’t get my run in first thing in the morning then it has to wait until the sun goes down like around 10pm.

Monday August 11 2015

IMG_0441Monday was the best tempo run I’ve had since I started running.  I have been slowly building up to a 4:35 pace but at a longer distance.  I achieved that this week by running 11km at 4:32km pace on the track!  It was such a celebration of one.  Yes I was the only one on the track and to be frank I had not seen anyone during my workout since it was 5:45 in the morning.  I had to get it in early because my family and I were headed to see family on Amherst Island close to Kingston at 8:30am.  There was no way I was going to miss this workout!  I’m so happy I didn’t skip it 🙂

Screen Shot 2015-10-12 at 1.24.42 PM Screen Shot 2015-10-12 at 1.24.26 PM
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Wednesday August 12 2015

IMG_0471The drive yesterday had been a long but very fun 4 hours with my family.  In the car we played games, told stories and listened to music to pass the the ever growing time sitting.  We arrived at the ferry around 12:50pm 10 minutes before it’s departure time so it was a great opportunity to get the legs moving and stretch but I had to get back in the car.  Almost there I told myself.

IMG_0480The ferry ride over was a quick 30 minutes and $7.00 return ticket adventure but as we drove on the ferry and onto Amherst Island like somehow changed.  It’s hard to put my finger on what it was, maybe it was the fact that we could not leave anytime we wanted to or was it the fact that there was no garbage or recycling on the Island or maybe it was because it was such a small piece of land that driving end to end you take you less time than cooking dinner..LOL

IMG_0501My wife Aunt’s house was awesome!  Right on lake Ontario and great views from the back yard.  The inside was like something from a movie or novel that took place in the east coast of Main.

The roads where flat and I mean FLAT!  I thought that might be a problem when it came to my Hill Repeat workout in the morning.  I put it aside.  Lets just have some fun in the sun this beautiful afternoon with the dogs in the water!

Waking up Wednesday morning on an Island was something new to me.  My routine was a bit off and my sleep was not the same as is typical when I go away one vacation.  As I sipped my lemon water and soaked in the morning rays of sunshine, my mind was adrift with thoughts of coastline running.  Then the thoughts of hills surfaced!  Hmm what to do, what to do.  I asked my wife aunt if she knew of any hills on the island…It seemed the joke was on me today…I laughed it off and got ready to run.  I would run until I found some hills or even just one.

Training called for 3km warm up, 7X600 meter hill repeats (8.5km) and 3km cool down for a total of 14km.

Here is a video that I made of the workout.  I has a bit of everything in there so have a look and comment on the post below 🙂

Sunday August 16 2015

23km was on tap for today.  A bit less than the previous week of 26 but you need to give the body time to repair and recover from the last 9 weeks of constant increase in mileage.  Today is a nice easy (SLD) in some crazy heat and humidity.  I got a late start and now the temp is 28C and it will feels like an oven of 35C…


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