Marathon Training Week 12 – August 24-30 2015

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I ran 70km this week, life is good.   Tuesday was pretty epic.  I was running on the track doing my tempo run and I noticed that there was this young kid on the truck and he was marking off every few hundred meters.   I think he was doing 200m repeats.  So  my run was cut short because I felt something happen in my knee.  I didn’t want to continue and push it so I just slow down and finished off.

I caught up to the kid (his name is Nick) and we talking for a bit as he was doing is cool down. He said that he was running 200 m with rests in between.  I thought that’s what you where doing I replied and so we walked for a bit and we talked, and talked about running he told me he was training really hard so that when he goes back to school in the fall he could join the cross-country team and run in a few 5k races.   I thought that was great, it kinda reminded me of when I started running way back when I was a kid his age.   Anyways I joined him in one of his 200m laps and it was amazing I felt like I was a kid again, young and free.  I was able to run 200 m in 34 seconds,  then we walked 200m and took a break for another 200, then we did it again.  This time it was 35 seconds as you can see by the picture below of Nicks wrist that I took.  BEST workout to date!  He couldn’t believe I was able to keep up with him :).  I guess I’m BACK!!!! Nick was 16 and I was 42…LOL and be both ran 200 metres in 35 seconds!  LIFE IS GOOD!IMG_1490

IMG_1491Wednesday was my hill workout.  I love hills…i love hills…I REALLY LOVE HILLS…not really…LOL  I always find it hard during my hill repeats and the more I do the more I really don’t like them.  I know it’s good for my running but…Ugh! push… push… push get to the top cool down by get your heart rate back down 120 beats per minutes and I do it all over again by sprinting to the top and then jogging back down and doing it again and again and again.  15 km in total.

I took Thursday off  day off and spent the day at Collingwood hanging out in the Trees..Yup, Tree Top Trekking at it’s BEST!  We decided that we would go to the higher up course and see what it was like.

IMG_1521Blue Mountain was absolutely awesome.  It was a lovely day and a wonderful time to spend with my daughter.  I couldn’t believe how high the platforms were.  Lots of  zip lines were great to go from the platform the obstacles were amazing.  Overall it was a really good time at the Blue Mountain, I totally recommend anyone that’s thinking about it to give it a try.

Sunday saw that I got my 32km long run with my friend Amy .  We went out early in the morning it was nice and cool but what I didn’t know was the amount of elevation that we were going to do.  We ran a nice pace of  5:30..nice and easy.  That was until  the end… I was struggling it was hot in my legs were done, I didn’t have enough fuel to get me through to the end.   I didn’t stop but certainly started to slow down near the end.   We circled Island Lake and even got to see a balloon in the distance when we were on the trail, which we IMG_1611were able to capture in the photo..we continued on and ran through Orangeville and up down Blind line then turned right onto Broadway.  We even past a cop doing radar around the Tim Hortons…LOL…

It was when we passed Shoppers Drugmart that I stated to slow, legs starting to lose whatever strength I had left in them.  My fuelling for this run was toast…I really do have to work on making sure that I’m fueling myself accordingly.   Still working on what I’m going to use for race day for drinks and gels.

After my run I had work to do.  Not work with regards to improving my running but work as in Real Estate. 12hrs of it 🙂




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