Marathon Training Week 13 – August 31- September 6 2015

Screen Shot 2015-10-13 at 8.44.36 PM

Training this week was again not to plan but it was a very good week regardless of the changes I had to make.

IMG_1634My tempo run on Tuesday was great.  Very hot but I got it in.   Wednesday night saw me do 10×600m hill repeats for a total of 17 km in total with a elevation of 205 m gain.   Awesome kick in the ass workout and I was very pleased with the outcome.  There is a lot less traffic at night and this was good thing as I was able to shut the mind down when I came to looking out for cars every second.

I also listed the restaurant and building for sale bistro 77.  It’s absolutely an awesome place and when I was there they actually made me a kale salad :).   Super pumped about this listing!

IMG_1693During the week I experimented and came up with an amazing recovery smoothie.   See the picture below.   I used my fitness pal to come up with the amount of calories and all the nutrition that goes along with it.

Sunday was my long run.   I had 30km’s at a 5:35 pace.   Got it done in 2 hours and 47 minutes and 47 seconds and I burned 3,085 calories –  unbelievable!   I look at food differently, now I see it as fuelling my body and using it to get me to the start and finish of my run injury free and jacked for more :).  The streets were empty when I headed out and they were empty when I finished.  I really didn’t see any people when I was out other then one or two walking their dogs in the early morning.   I find it’s such a beautiful time of day to get my run in.   I’m totally just in the moment thinking about what needs to be done and it’s really really enjoyable just listing to my breathing paying attention to my stride and soaking in the experience, OK and then I start thinking about all the food I can eat when I go home




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