Marathon Training Week 14 – September 7-13 2015

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IMG_1902 IMG_1903 IMG_1908 IMG_1913Tuesday was a very special day it was the first time that I had run with my wife in over 14 years.  she ran once with me on a cruise way back when we met each other, that was pretty much the end of it she never did like to run and she never wanted to run again! I guess over the last year she seen such a big change in me, saw how happy I was and how my cardiovascular system had improved, she thought it could help in her dancing so she asked me to coach her which I gladly did.  I think that’s my most memorable run ever.  It was a walk for a minute run for 2 minutes walk for a minute run for 2 minutes.   She did extremely well and I’m very proud of her.

I did my tempo run got my 8k in for the day.  It was a very hot run because it was later in the day and it was no longer on the track.  It was on the road and that made it harder because I had hills to run and I was still running it close to race pace I think this time round it was around 4:40.. push.. push.. push!

I had to go to Toronto later in the day while I was there I thought I’d stop off at a juice bar and get a healthy juice.  I did and it was lovely and I enjoyed it immensely but it around 10 o’clock that night things started to go south.   I really started to get sick extremely sick and I was a mess for the whole entire night the next day I even went down to the hospital to see if they can do anything.  It was not a very happy time 😦

With my system cleaned out it was time to take some Imodium to slow things down a bit.   Keeping hydrated was my biggest challenge. And so that what I focused on along with sleep.   Slowly I started to feel better.   I took one day off and then started to run on Thursday and I did 7k… it was the wrong thing to do because I think it just set me back.

I had to do deal with an offer with the client and it was so excruciating because I was in so much pain and with no sleep my Friday night I think was one of the worst nights I’ve had in years.   Saturday I felt better and Sunday even more.

I only had two runs that week and it was the hardest thing I had to do… not to run but I couldn’t in my mind was saying yes go for your run but physically I was in no condition to do any…  It was pretty much a lost week,


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