Marathon Training Week 15 – September 14-20 2015

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IMG_1978This was my first time running after a week of food poisoning took me down.  It absolutely sucked being sick, I couldn’t train!  The weather was nice and I was miserable.  I ended up doing an offer for a client on the Friday and I felt like I was hung over and I don’t even drink!

Before I could go see my client at their home I got text asking me if I could meet them 2 hrs later at the hospital in Brampton.  Sure I can do that I texted back.   Her mom had a fallen and  she was in hospital.  So as the day progressed I felt sicker and sicker and sicker I ended up lying down at my office in the conference room for the next couple hours just wishing I could go home to sleep but I had to get the offer accepted.  Before I left I thought about checking myself in. OK not really, but kind of. z

That was last week and this a new week.  I’m better and I’m back at it.  It’s time to run!

Monday I had a quick little run with my wife, Tuesday was my birthday so there was no running that day.   I had the day off and my wife to me to my favorite place up in Collingwood “the Skandinava spa”, Wednesday was my real first day back and I nailed it 8kms..I  had a relatively good pace considering it was my first day back.

IMG_2012Thursday I did my speed work.  I really enjoy doing this type of work out especially when I’m not sick. I ran 3:59km the fastest I’ve run so far during all my training.  It was a lot of hard work and my better for it.  I honestly thought my chest was going to explode. Looking forward to what next week is in store. Push..Push…Push..

The rest of the week went as planned just falling back into routine going into the zone getting the fartlek done and then Sunday I did my nice slow long run but with a twist.  The last 4 km of my 32k I had to do at race pace according to Norm from Running Free.

I started off my run with a nice easy pace 5:28, 5:25, 5:25, 5:32 it’s was about 60 seconds slower than race pace.  As I got closer to 25k point I knew that I needed to push during the last 5kms it was hot outside I honestly didn’t want to it but the thought of Boston came into view I said “game on, let’s go kick some butt”.. I pushed.. pushed.. pushed.. It’s amazing what the body is capable of doing.  I nailed it once again.




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