Marathon Training Week 16 – September 21-27 2015

Screen Shot 2015-10-13 at 8.51.16 PM
IMG_2139This week has been crap totally not happy with where things are right now.  Still recovering from food poisoning the bug of some sort.  I really have no idea or maybe it’s from eating those gels and gu seems as I feel start to feel like crap the Monday or the Tuesday after my long run.  I feel bloated and spend the next day and a half in the bathroom. I’m going to need to figure this out before the race otherwise I’m done.

I only got two runs in during the whole week.   Saturday felt really good and then I went out for my long run on Sunday which was 31km.  It was hot and I got out too late. I decided see how fast I could run at the beginning and then in the latter part about 25 km start to slow it down.

IMG_2137I started off running down townline at 5:16 5:14 5:13 5:27 first 5:26 still on 5:22 crested the hill starting to go down 5:12 going downhill….by the time that I reached 15km I was going 5:06, 16 km  5:17 km 5:00, 5:08, 5:08, 5:095, 5:25, 5:07, 5:05, 5:09.   Pretty good if you ask me.

I carried one water bottle with me and then I had two more waiting on top of the car. as I swung by and threw my empty one, I picked up the other two and continued on.  Push, push, push..

When It was all said and done I have done the fastest 20 km run so far in 1:44:18

Let’s hope next week is better!  Now it’s time to recover!


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