What A Difference A Year Makes

One Year LaterThis time last year, I was in the midst of my best year in Real Estate. I was in Toronto quite a bit helping a few clients make some well needed life style changes. I had accidentally walked marathon at the end of August and thought that if I could do that I should be able to run one.  The last time I had really ran was in grade 8 (over 27 years ago) and that was only on the cross county team.  I was one year into my life altering adventure and had lost 54lbs, was walking anywhere from 7 to 15km every few days, was feeling better than I had in years and really enjoying life.

A full year before that, I had yet to run a km. I didn’t go on runs. Exercise was driving to my next appointment. I was FAT, SICK & IN DENIAL weighing a crazy 266lbs!!!!

This year, I’m very proud of my current state of health and fitness. I’m down 40 pounds from where I was last year, the year I started running. It has been an awesome journey these last 12 months.  I feels like I’ve been running my whole life..LOL. If I’m completely honest with myself, I’ve been eating extremely well for the last year and I can SEE and FEEL the difference.

Burlington 5k Santa RunI ran my first race in December and I’m super happy about how I did.  For the full race report click HERE.

December 13 2014
 – Burlington Santa 5k (FIRST RACE) TIME 5k 24:38 PACE 4:57 (16 metres Elevation Gain)

I’ve had a great fitness streak going in January, February, March, and April running three to four days a week (Snow, Rain, Wind or Shine), and working on my core 3 times a week with planks, push ups, exercise ball drills.

IMG_6367April arrived and my first race of the of the year was here.  I had decided to run the Toronto Yonge Street 10k…..It was all down hill :).  I thought it would be an easy race since we started just north of Eglinton and finished at Royal York down by the CNE and lake Ontario.  The weather turned out to be freezing and VERY windy!  For the full race report click HERE.

April 19 2015 – Toronto Yonge Street 10k
TIME 10k 46:00 PACE 4:23 (All Down Hill)

IMG_6828I few weeks later race day arrived sooner than I hoped it would. Yup I was running my first half marathon.  It was  sunny, cool with a bit of an overcast.. I went with my friend that I ran my 10k with but I was going to be running by myself because I’m a bit faster than he is.   So off we went along with 8,000 other runners…LOL.  I was just hoping to run 5:00 km, or 1 hour 45 minutes; the pace did not concern me but the distance sure did.  I got it done but boy was it hard.  Click HERE to see the full race report.

May 3 2015 – Mississauga Half Marathon 21.1k
TIME 1:51:38 PACE 5:14 (30 metres Elevation Gain)

IMG_6512Now for my business update. I’ve made tremendous progress on my Real Estate business compared to the previous year (I’m growing my business year by year and 2014 was wonderful), and I have every indication that 2015 will be even better. This is incredibly awesome and can’t be ignored.  The families I have helped and that have put their trust in me has been amazing and I’m very grateful.  There seems to be an inverse correlation between my business progress and my health & fitness).  Looking back on my life I don’t think this progress had to occur at the expense of my health and fitness goals, but now that  things are in balance I find I’m happier and healthier.

May was a bit of a what am I going to do now month…..I had registered for the Scotiabank Waterfront Marathon back in February of this year so I knew it was going to happen but that was not until October.  My marathon training plan didn’t start until Mid June so I was a bit of a loss as to what to do.  Trying to get motivated to actually keep running was a bit hard. I’m not a person to quite anything I start, so I pushed myself out the door and went running, and running and running…Until I ran a local 10k on June 7 🙂

Summer arrived and the weather changed into something that I had never run in.  The HEAT!  You have to remember that I’ve only been running since Oct 4 2014….

Me At Chase The Tornado 2015Chase the Tornado was a local race in Grand Valley.  I decided at the last-minute that I would run it.  I was totally not ready for it but I had a few of my friends that were running… The day was SUPER hot and I had to be in Toronto right after the race to list a house in the East end.  For the full race report click HERE.

June 7 2015 – Chase The Tornado 10k
TIME 51:52 PACE 5:06 (73 metres Elevation Gain)

37Km Run One Friday in August I found myself in my friends SUV driving to a Running Room to buy some running gear.  Why would I be doing that you ask?  I really didn’t have a option…I had no running stuff with me and my friend wanted to run from the Burlington Mall (south of the QEW) to Square One in Mississauga for a total of 37km.  The price tag of the run was $300 and a pair of Shoes that were 1/2 a size to small.  For the full race report click HERE.

August 22 2015 – Burlington Mall to Square One 37k
TIME 3:54:21 PACE 6:20 (156 metres Elevation Gain)

Marathon training has been going very well and I think with all the speed work and hill repeats and long runs I’m in for a great race on October 18.  The one thing that I found interesting is the amount you eat and the calories you BURN. I have found it hard to eat enough calories in a day after some of these crazy long runs now that I’m VEGAN, I could have upped my calories by eating more fruits and vegetables, nut butters and more veggies..LOL . After a long run I found that eating 5,300 calories had to be done or I would end up losing more weight which I really didn’t want do at this point in my training.

Where I Am Now

Me At 176I currently weight  176 pounds. This is lightest I’ve been since I was 18. My goal has been reached after 2 years. So, I have zero pounds to lose. Basically, what I’ve already done which took two years and was a major accomplishment can now be maintained.

I’m now regularly active, which is helping a lot. I will continue to be active at least 120 minutes per day. This really shouldn’t be hard. Worst-case scenario, if I can’t get outside due to the weather I’ll throw on a podcast and hammer out a run on the treadmill.  Oh who I’m I kidding….I’ll just out outside and get it done…-35c and a blizzard will not STOP me…HAHAHAHAHA!

My eating is majorly consistent. I’m eating as much raw food as I can, and when I go out I’ve been making some pretty AWESOME choices.



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