Marathon Training Week 18 – October 5-11 2015

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The Marathon is around the corner and I’m still feeling awesome. I haven’t done a lot in the past few weeks because of the food poisoning and then getting a flu bug.   It’s really frustrating that I that I don’t have my nutrition for race day figured out yet. But I did find something that will work for me..Well I’m hopping it will.  It’s called Tailwind Nutrition (Endurance Fuel That Works).  I’ve tried all the Gels and GU’s and I always end up bloated and in the washroom the next few days.  NOT GOOD!  I sweat out a lot of salt and looking for an electrolyte sports drink that will replace them is a bit tricky with me.  Either they have 180mg of sodium and contain ingredients that I can’t even pronounce or they make me feel sick.  Tailwind has 200 calories in one package and comes with 606mg of sodium…This better work or I’m toast!  I ordered it the other day so fingers crossed it arrived so I can try it out a few times before the race.

IMG_2291It’s not very sensible to train much in the last days prior to a marathon, when your sick or overtrained.  Thats why we have things called tapers 🙂 and this week has been a mixed blessing.  It’s nice to reduce the amount I’m running and I know it’s good for my but after the past few weeks I really wanted to put in more speed work.  I only got 2 in out of the 5 that were in my train plan. This weeks speed-work consisted of 3km warm up and 2.5km cool down.  What remained what 3km at 4:33, 4:17, 4:21.  Not what I was hoping to do.  My plan was 3:59 for those 3km and it didn’t happen.  So thats It, thats all the speed I could muster and now I have to be ok with that.  Push, Push, Push…that’s what I will have to do if I’m to have a good run on race day.

Sunday I had to run 15 km at a 4:35 pace.   I was excited about this one but the morning didn’t start off that way I’d hoped.  I had to be adaptable to be flexible and change my plans once again.  I had clients that were coming from overseas that wanted to see a property at 11am.  Normally when I meet with clients I make sure I take my time and educate them as much as possible about the area about the neighbours and about the home. Everything that you would expect a real steel agent to do, so it wasn’t surprising to see 4:00pm roll around and my wife’s text asking me where am I.  LOL!  Thanksgiving dinner was about to be severed.

IMG_2382Since I didn’t get a run in the morning, didn’t get it in in the afternoon and it certainly wasn’t going to happen around dinner time it looked like it was going to be a late night.  Thanksgiving dinner was amazing and it was great to see the family all together again.  We all live busy lives so planning that we were all going to be together was special.

Before leaving I was able to talk to my sister-in-law about marathon preparations since she’d run many many many of them in the past.
So at 10:3pm I found myself putting on my running shoes,  shorts T-shirt watch while my family went to bed…Push, Push, push..I headed out for a fast 15 km night run.  well I didn’t do the speed I wanted to but I did end up running more hills than I had planned on.

Run started off well 4:37, 4:33, 4:39, 4:35, 4:47 but the hills arrived and I found it very hard to be running at night after the food we ate.  I was just so tired I just wanted to go to bed…. push, push, push the hills again… and again and again I slowed down… push, push, push..5:13 5:17 5:06 5:12 5:20 to 5:16 5:05 5:16 but then I nailed the last two 4:36 and 4:30 the personal best for a 15km with 1:14:02 🙂

While I was out running the night shift I had the opportunity to try out my new hand held that I was planing on using for the race.  It worked out great and sometimes I forgot it was in my hand… LOL
IMG_2284 IMG_2285


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