Marathon Training Week 19 – October 12-17 2015

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Well its the final week of training or should I say tapering.  It feels funny not running the amount I had back in July and August but the body does need to recover and being healthy on race day is a MUST.  There is no time to screw things up.

Tuesday and Wednesday  I ran 8km and 10k at 4:30 race pace.  I’m not going to sit here and tell you that it felt great but I will tell you that I feel like an athlete now.  Yup rocked it on both runs.  Hard getting moving but once I was in the zone it was all good.  My heart rate was about 165 and my stride was golden.


Today I did my last run before the marathon. It was a short 4k that was nice and easy  in the snow.  Can you believe it…It snowed in October..Yuck!  The run had to be anything but heavy – just to raise up the heartbeat and keep my legs going for 30 minutes. It’s not the best time for trying to make up for any lost trainings or for doing new things you haven’t done in the marathon prep. And this would include: doing tempos, running uphills, weightlifting, helping your friends move, changing tires (unless by a mechanic), trying yoga for the first time, going horse riding if you had a long break, etc.

IMG_2607I don’t really feel like doing any of the above (the fact it’s a Saturday morning probably doesn’t make me feel extremely motivated). So the plan is this: Now that my run is complete, I’ll just sit back and relax… Oh wait, I just got a call from a client.  It’s of to shows some properties, then around 3pm I’m driving to Toronto to check in to my hotel for the night.  Need to be rested for the big day 🙂


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