The Toronto 4 Seasons 50k Ultra

A good friend of mine is hosting a running experience in Toronto.  Yes that’s right Toronto but it’s something that most people will not understand or like….BUT if your a runner and have thought about running an Ultra (more that 50km running) then this might be for you OR you want to just run a quick 10km then you’re in luck.

The event will be held on Saturday 12th December, starting at 10am.

Note: this is not at the moment a race; it’s a running experience that’ll be fun, scenic, yet tough and will offer you the opportunity to learn how to fuel using vegan foods to maximise health and performance.

Toronto50kmThe Toronto 4 Seasons 50k Ultra Event (with an option for 10k runners) is so named as they plan to hold it 4 times a year, giving them a view of the city as the seasons, the views and the challenges to the runner that varying weather conditions present, change.

Our route will take in some of east Toronto’s finest scenery, including Woodbine and Cherry Beaches, Tommy Thompson Park, The Don Valley Trail, Crowthers Woods, The Beltline Trail and Taylor Creek Park. The 1st 10k will be an out and back so if you’d like to join us for that, you’re welcome!

They are using the run as a way of raising funds for a new non-profit Toronto Animal Sanctuary and Human Wellness Centre that they aim to establish over the next 2 years. The centre will be a vision of how life on earth should and could be. 100% vegan, it will incorporate an animal sanctuary, a fresh produce farm, a cafe where meals created from the produce are shared, a wellness/meditation/teaching/creative space, a campground where city families can experience a simple, fully integrated life for a short while, and a large tract of wilder land where native species can flourish. They would love it if you could help us raise funds as you take on our challenging run!

12239139_10153188782526615_8450932515640375751_oA Paypal account is available to receive funds, click here for details.

If you’ve never run a 50k distance before (actually, the route is just over 53k in total) and want to build your confidence among more experienced athletes, then this is for you. If you have run the distance before and would like a friendly training run, then this is for you, too!

If you want to join them but don’t think you can deal with 50k, the first 10k will be an out and back route. They will make sure you get back safely to your car at the end of the 10k before they continue on their way. The pace will be approx. 7 minute kms.

More details will be posted here as time passes, and our webpage can be found here –

PHOTOS from parts of the Trail.


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