Mississauga Marathon Training – Week 1 – Jan 25-31

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So I’ve decided to run another marathon and attempt a Boston qualifying time (BQ). My change in training is going to be only running 4 times a week.  The training consists of  800 m repeats,  tempo run , long run with a heart rate of 145 bpm and my Saturday run is going to be a bit faster at around 5:40.  I think it might be a bit hard to get this done during my day but if I start early in the morning then it’s possible.  I’m just tried thinking about this.

Tuesday was my 800 m repeats and I started off running 3 of them with a 3km warm up and a cool down. Thought I would work my way up to 10 as time goes by.  I was pretty impressed with numbers as I really didn’t know where I would be in this type of workout.   Running for 800m and then slowly jogging for 400 m and then repeating again and again and again that’s a tough one especially in the snow.


I did my first tempo run in three months and it’s amazing how much speed you lose if your not running at that intensity but I’ll get back on the horse and give it a go. I’ll get better as the weeks go by but running in the snow was so different that on regular pavement it’s just so much slower and it takes all the energy I have just to get it done.

Saturday I had to drag myself out. I was busy all day so I needed to get it in first thing in the morning which I did!   It was a nice steady 15km run at 5:40 pace.   I did my first back to back run this weekend.   20 km in town was the run with a heart rate of 147 bpm.  I felt like I  just did circles during my run. Running at such a slow pace feels like I’m standing still or at other times I feel like I could walk faster than I am running but I did it and was happier for it!  I didn’t really see anybody when I was out was kind of weird.



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