Mississauga Marathon Training – Week 5 – Feb 22 – 28

Screen Shot 2016-03-18 at 4.25.31 PM

IMG_5470Another busy week at work!  I listed a townhouse in Caledon last week and  I now  have eight offers on tonight. WOW!  not much on the market.   While I was waiting for my client to get home I thought I’d swing over and see if I could pick up some healthy snacks.  It was kind a neat I didn’t realize that they sold Avocados so I bought one.   Not too bad, they were ripe they were fresh even though they were in a package.  I  just didn’t have a knife to cut a whole one so I thought I’d get these.  Happy I did!



IMG_5478Speed work on ice is not the most idea.  It was very slippery and very hard when there is a lot more snow.  I’m not gonna talk about how I did maybe next week will be better.

I was able to get my tempo run in but again I missed a days rest and I ended up doing three days in a row again, not ideal but I got all my runs and I’m feeling OK.   I’m excited but snow really takes it out of you…The best run of the week was my long run.













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