Mississauga Marathon Training – Week 7 – March 7 – 13

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This week is a little bit different than all my other training days because I’m now in Florida for vacation…How awesome is that..Sunny and 85F all week.  This week was also the most I’ve EVER run in one week!  93.6km..Yikes!

I made a fun quick video to show my 800 meter repeats.  It turned out to be a really good day and I was able to get all 8 of them in.  Training is a little bit different when it’s not hot outside 85°F+

IMG_5794After my repeats I was so hungry I decided to go for a drive.  You know just to chill out and relax. I needed the time to come down from that crazy hard run.  Running interval repeats is good for the heart but I’m SOOOOO hungry after.  After driving around for a bit I ended up finding this amazing vegan restaurant called the Cider Press.  The staff were so nice and helpful and they made some recommendation which I decided to go with.  I loaded up on some awesome Vegan Sushi  and Cashew cheese cake for desert and of course kombucha.

The area where I stayed  was all flat and very beautiful. Very nice area to run and having a pool I can jump into after a run was very well needed.

IMG_5934One of the mornings I was able to get out and do a barefoot Beach run which was pretty epic.  Calf muscles where killing me because I don’t normally run like that, you know.. without shoes. I was so grateful to be healthy and alive. 48K in the few days I was in Naples…Ahh so happy!

Saturday and Sunday I was back home but it was warm and there was no snow.   In two days I was able to get 45 km in on back to back days.

I’m very impressive, very happy with how my training is going.  I’ve been able to lower my heart rate by a good 10 bpm.  Here’s to some more happy trails 🙂















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