Mississauga Marathon Training – Week 8 – March 14 – 20

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IMG_6169On Monday I found myself at the Running Free store in Barrie checking out a new pair of running shoes before a friend and I went to see a movie.   Not too sure if I’m going to get the Torin Altra’s but they where comfy,  extremely comfy and they are zero drop which will be a little bit of a different type of running.  They will force you to run more midfoot so I plan on incorporating these into my training if I get them.  And I’ll ease into them slowly so I don’t put myself at risk of an injury.

My interval training is working quite well.   I was able to get 3:05 but my recoveries need to be shortened.  I’m ranging anywhere from 2:30 seconds to 2:50 seconds (for a 400m). I really need to get them down to 2:00.  While I was out running the last two 800m repeats I started to cramp.  I hadn’t had anything to eat and nothing to drink so I think I was starting to just run out of steam.

My tempo run was probably the fastest one that I’ve done this year at 47 minutes and I feel really strong.  Im  happy with the way training has been going and I think this is only the second time that I’ve actually completed my workout throughout the week with the proper amount of rest days in between my workouts.

Saturday was a very good 15 km run.   The last two km’s where my fastest 4:45 pace!  The rest of the run was at 5:30.

IMG_6211Sunday was a little bit different.  I thought I would meet up with a bunch of my friends from Toronto and go to the Dundas conservation area and run the trails that make up the Sulphur Springs ultra marathon course.

It would be a looped course to complete for whole course but I only needed to get 25km in for the day.  We ended up running 32 km.  First trail run since last year and I don’t know if it was a wise idea to mix and trail and all that elevation gain (at 670 m is a lot of climbing) with road running.  There is one hill called martin road and it’s 60m straight up….I decided to run up and watched my heart rate go from 132 to 164 in a matter of the short distance.  I also decided to sprint down and see what I could do….3:00 minute pace is crazy but thats what I was able to achieve..LOL!  My quads are going to be sore for the next few day I thought AFTER I got to the bottom…Hmmmm, not smart!

Martin Road Hill

After a while of looping around we ended up getting lost a couple times but we were able to finish and go for a bite to eat at lettuce love cafe in Burlington. It’s my favourite place to eat!  3,440 calories burned is a nice way to start off the day.  I just don’t know how the Ultra folks can be there running 8 20k and going up that hill 8 TIMES!!!  I was running for over 4 and half hours and I was ready for a break.  This was the longest time I’ve spent on my feet running!  WOW!












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