With A little Help From My Friends

IMG_7602Now that I’m recovered from my injury that I sustained in March.  April was a long recovery back.  I thing one of the hardest aspects of recovery is the feeling I get when I run.  Yup, I’m proud to say that I’m addicted to RUNNING..LOL.  When I run,I have this connection to nature.  Listening to the birds sing, the feeling of the wind on my skin, the sun in my eyes and the sound my feet make when they connect with the ground.makes my stay present and enjoy the moment.

Over the Last 5 months real estate has been crazy busy.  We’ve had multiple offers on houses, places selling before the for sale signs go up and people needing to leave the city behind for more breathing room in the county.  So,if an injury was going to happen March was the best time.  I was able to not worry about when I was going to find time in the early mornings or late at night.  Running at night always makes it harder to get to sleep.

So when I sit here outside on the deck enjoying the May long weekend, believe me when I say that all is well with me!

Now back to what I’m doing to qualify for Boston.  Since late March and April I’ve been in recovery mode.  I was working on my core exercises making sure I stay strong and going for walks but NO running.  At the end of April my friend said that if I wanted his help he would get me on track to get my BQ.

IMG_7942 IMG_7943So here it goes….

During tha later part of April and all of May I have been following his plan that he put together for me.  It’s personalized to my running abilities and in keeping me injury free.

Below are some of the details as to how the build up to my June 1st training is going.

Before he could put the plan in place he wanted to know my race times for different distances.  I provided him with marathon, 10km and 5km times.

but before he have me my plan I needed to run some 100m sprints…..

When message I smiled and then had to count to 10 a few times…

The reason being that the last time I ran a 100 metres I pulled all the ligaments in my right hip and that as in grade 9….I never ran again until a few years ago when this whole lifestyle change began.

Anyway 10x100m sprint with 4x300m 5:30 pace in-between resulted in one heck of a workout….Yes, I wanted to throw up!  Yup if you look at my MOVING TIME you will see 21, 20, 16, 21, 20, 21, 18, 17, 19, 17.  Not bad for someone that has not sprinted in over 29 years..LOL

Screen Shot 2016-05-23 at 1.00.41 PMScreen Shot 2016-05-23 at 1.03.00 PM

So, when I saw my plan I realized that if I was going for a BQ I really needed to push my body and see how fast I could run.  To run a marathon fast I need to get in the fast workouts and push when I need to push!
Now the best part of the plan is that its MY plan!  Made for me! And when I execute the plan as it is, every month it will get harder and I’ll get faster and I become a better runner.

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