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I do a bit of driving in my line of work.  Sometimes my clients like to look beyond their initial area of were they want to live and raise I family.  They ask about areas and I do my best to fill in the gaps.  The biggest gaps are when it comes to FOOD!  Not everyone likes to stay home and eat all the time.  Sometimes they like to get out and see others or shake off the cabin fever during the winter months. However eating out and eating out that brings VALUE to our lives is hard to do.  There are lots of places to eat but eating healthy is what my clients and I like to do.

I’ve been down the the conventional way of eating and it took me to a BAD place (100lbs over weight and with my blood pressure of 169-180 over 110).  We have a lot of food deserts (areas that don’t have access to health options to eat).  Over the last 5 years I have seen a big change in Ontario.  Toronto, London, Guelph and Cambridge have lots of places to eat that are health but it’s taken awhile for that to come to the smaller communities.

I’ve been VEGAN (eating plant based whole foods) for 2 years now and LOVE my new life style.  I’m very passionate about teaching people the amazing life you can lead when going plant based.   “You don’t have to be a vegan to eat a vegan meal however it helps to be open to the idea.

This brings me to the point of this post.  While out the other day I finished showing houses in Hanover and decided I would checkout The Pea Pod in Port Elgin (south of Southhampton) on Lake Huron.

They just moved to their new location and I was excited to see it.  While walking up to the front door I noticed that they didn’t have their sign up yet.   However once I got inside it was OH WOW!!!!!

The Pea Pod is as much about education as it is about serving delicious, healthy food and the Jen and Doris host regular events on-site. It’s like going to school and eating an awesome meal that is prepared with kindness, love and gratitude!

They also have a monthly event where a vegan meal is prepared, the recipe provided and attendees will have an opportunity to watch a documentary or hear a speaker.  How cool is that.

Jen and Doris are moms on a mission. Our friendship was built on our sharef29a36_0347a60db07a4ac38a90338056495246
d love to teach our children to live a whole life through loving nature and all it has to offer us. Out of that love blossomed our beautiful idea to share it with our comunity.

We are passionate about healthy living and saving the world one small step at a time. We want to offer healthy choices that are not only nutritious, but totally delicious. We put the power of health back into your hands and at the end of your fork. Come in and join us for a meal and some good conversation. Our goal is to show you just how lovely healthy living is through our promise to you to only use the best quality ingredients in our meals sourced from our local organic farmers whenever possible.

IMG_5025Looking at the menu boards I had this feeling it was going to be hard to decide.  However I noticed that they had Nachos and since it’s been years since I’ve had them I thought VEGAN Nachos????  Hmm, lets give it a try.  I also had to to try one of their Juices so I ordered the nice pink one called the Steele (named after their real estate agent)

I was so happy to see that they had the same juices from their other location with the addition of a few new ones.  The juice I had was so good that I really didn’t want to finish it..LOL.

IMG_5032Let’s talk about the nachos shall we.  I didn’t know what to expect but I trusted Doris.  That was the best advise.  The Nachos were flipping amazing!!!!!  I could go on and on about how good it was but you really have to try it for yourself.   It really was excellent with lots of flavour.   Doris and Jen along with all their staff are very friendly and the service is great.

The atmosphere is very cozy and has a nice feel.  I would highly recommend this restaurant whether you are vegan or not.  Oh, and if you need wifi they offer that for free so have a seat and enjoy the atmosphere.  Another thing you might notice is how friendly even the customers are, oh and if your open and friendly back you might just make some new friends, I did!

IMG_5029IMG_5028IMG_5033IMG_5027They also offer catering for a variety of occasions and special events. They can also host small events such as baby & bridal showers in our dining room. They decorate and leave you hassle free by preparing vegan food with gluten free and raw options. They use as many organic ingredients as possible. Everything we serve is dairy- free, and refined sugar-free.

671 Goderich Street
Port Elgin, Ontario
Tel: 519 – 832 – 6500
Connect with them on Facebook


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