Good Vibes Juice Co

IMG_5626Over the last few weeks I’ve found myself in Kitchener because I have a new listing that will be hitting the market at the end of April.

While I was there I did some research about the area so that I’m better prepared to answer questions about the townhouse I’m listing.

I also decided to needed to check out the trails and the running community along with where the heck I can get healthy food and drinks.  This brings me to my point of this blog post about Goodvibes Juice Co.

I stumbled upon this place by accident.  I was walking on King street getting a feel for the city and all of a sudden it was right there.  Healthy places always seam to have a great look and feel to them.  Some are clean and bright while others have a cool cosy community feel to them.   So, in I went and I was happy I did.

IMG_5623Llody and Drew Started Goodvibes Co. about a year and half ago after getting tried of the rat race..LOL.  Its funny how these things happen.  I remember 11 Years ago I was downsized from a tech company and at the time I was like “Yikes, now what”.  It turns out that becoming a Realtor was the best career decision I’ve made to date!  I hope things go well for them, Drew and Llody seemed to friendly, knowable and kind with everyone that came in.  It seemed like a family of friends coming and going.

So, what is goodvibes juice co?  Well for starters they offer cold-pressed juices, almond milks, and smoothies.  They are quick and convenient if you come in or if your busy they will deliver. Maintaining your health is an on-going endeavour so goodvibes offer subscriptions as well as cleanses to make it easier for you.

IMG_5603Their cold-pressed juice, is derived from local and organic produce and is nutrient rich, pure, and is really delicious. I decided on two juries and I have to say they were both awesome.  Next time I’ll try the smoothies and salad.

While I was paying for my order I made a impulse buy and  decided I would try drinking from a glass saw.  It’s a beautiful glass straw that make you feel like you are drinking out of a work of art rather a straw but a straw it is and I thought it was cool.

To help reduce their eco footprint they offer a loyalty deposit to encourage the re-use of their glass bottles.  Cold-pressed juice costs a little bit more than fast food, but provides a lot more nutritional benefit.

If you live in Guelph, Kitchener, Cambridge or on the outskirts of the city centres then you will be happy about the delivery options.  Check out their website for more details.



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