Yes, you can eat burgers and chicken when your vegan
Yes, vegan food tastes good
Yes, vegan food is affordable
Say YES to eating a PLANT Based WHOLE food diet 🙂

IMG_5564Now, that I have that off my mind I can tell you about a really cool place I went to the other week.  I mentioned in my last blog post that I’m selling a townhouse condo in Kitchener.  So, I’ve had some time to check out the local business and I’m VERY happy to say “Kitchener you have a nice selection of places to eat”!

Lots of people tell me that they can never eat vegan food, WTF???  Are you kidding me?  I think it’s the BEST food ever and I would never go back to eating meat, dairy, gluten food.  Oh, wait a minute…  Now that I look back a few year I didn’t think for either.  Sometimes LIFE gives you a nudge, then a push, and finally it gives you a roundhouse to the head.  Wake UP don’t you see what your doing to yourself?  My roundhouse was my blood pressure of 169-180 over 110.  Yeah, that got my attention!  I made the change and never looked back.  Everyone will have their roundhouse and I hope it’s not to late.

IMG_5547While talking with clients and friends, they ask me the same question.  “HOW DID YOU MAKE THE CHANGE” and then comes the statement “I LOVE EATING MEAT, I WILL NEVER GIVE THAT UP”.  My answer is the same each time ‘SLOWLY and NEVER SAY NEVER”

I’m sitting in my car on a Sunday afternoon in Downtown Kitchener asking myself “where can a get a burger”?  Not a animal burger but a plant burger.  The answer came as I drove by Cafe Pyrus.  I didn’t know it was vegan until I went inside.


IMG_5551Waking in was like coming home.  It smelt awesome and there was lots of smiling faces and the decor let say is a bit cozy..

Lots of people were engaging in conversation and a few people were in line.  The menu was huge and I had no idea what I wanted.  I thought I wanted a burger but there was so much to choose from.  I decided I would just ask what they would eat..LOL (I do that a lot)

The BIG BANG and the Ice Chia is what I recommend the owner said.  Yeah, I’m pretty easy when it comes to food.  Let’s do it I said with a smile and laugh.

IMG_5549When you come here you will not only get fresh amazing food, featuring real, local and organic ingredients but you will also be helping safe a HUGE amount of water!!

IMG_5548The owner was a cool character.  He was a past boxer or fighter I think, I’m going on memory right now.  He is raw, real and very nice.  He told me about how he likes to give back to the community and help others though community programs and sale of his coffee.  He also said that the cafe could use some newer furniture but making sure his staff are paid well is just as important.  His staff are are friendly and knowledgable and very helpful when asking about the food.

The burgers and breakfast wraps are made with tempeh (firm fermented soy) and tofu scramble, and there is soup of the day, and a quesadilla with tempeh sour cream. The prices are quite reasonable and they even have Gluten-free options

On his website the following made me smile.

Real food, real ingredients, real fresh.

Makin’ life taste great… Cause you’re worth it Tiger! Our menu is created with health in mind.

We are dedicated to using fair organic ingredients and sustainable packaging, where we can- helping make the world, our community and our customers better, one meal at a time.

Sure it costs us a bit more, but we felt it was important not to poison our customers or planet for a profit.   We think you get it too!

(Btw, we’re vegan, shhhhhh)

I ended up ordering the BIG BANG and WOW was it good!  HOW IS THIS VEGAN!!!

IMG_5538THE BIG BANG – Spicy crispy Organic Tofu, organic romaine and tomato on a toasted kaiser, topped with dill infused aioli and hot sauce served with choice of kaleslaw, salt and pepper chips or a small soup. CA$11
They also sell all kinds of treats that are just as good.  You really just need to go and try it for yourself!  Really, you do!  Eating here is for EVERYONE not just people who like eating a plant based whole food lifestyle.  I loved this place and…..

I’ll be back..

Oh yeah, they also have Free wifi.  So bring your laptop and just hang while solving the worlds problems..LOL

16 Charles Street West
Across from the Bus Terminal
Kitchener, ON N2G 1B6
Tel: 519-954-7705


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