Yes, you can eat burgers and chicken when your vegan Yes, vegan food tastes good Yes, vegan food is affordable Say YES to eating a PLANT Based WHOLE food diet ūüôā Now, that I have that off my mind I… Read More ›

Good Vibes Juice Co

Over the last few weeks I’ve¬†found myself in Kitchener¬†because¬†I have a new listing that will be hitting the market¬†at the end of April. While I was there I did some research about the area so that I’m better prepared to… Read More ›


DETOXIFICATION (detoxing or cleansing) is the term used to describe the deliberate use of programs, products,dietary,and lifestyle changes to support the body in the elimination of unwanted substances and circumstances. Releasing toxins allows the body, heart, and mind to dedicate… Read More ›